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The ultimate healing crystal for love and marriage

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Add crystal healing energy to your Bohemian Wedding day with Rose Quartz - stone of unconditional love, compassion, peace and healing.

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Let's talk about healing crystals. Weddings can be one of most stressful occasions in your life, but at the same time, wedding is a spiritual festivity and for this reason, crystal energy makes a wonderful addition to your celebration. So, let's add some high-vibe to your wedding day!

What are healing crystals?

Crystals are energy. Each crystal vibrates and emits different energies. Many are vibrating at the energy of universal love. 

One of the most adorable crystals you’ll be able to find, Rose Quartz is named after its charming, vibrant pink colours that flow throughout. All colors and types have excellent healing qualities.

The Greeks and Romans believed that Rose Quartz was brought to the Earth by the love gods Eros and Venus so that people would receive the power of love and reconciliation.

The lovely pink love stone will emanate soothing vibrations to the person wearing it and all around

Why Rose Quartz? What are its healing benefits?

Rose quartz intensifies the need for love and loyalty. It also increases the sense for beauty.

Naturally, rose quartz is assosiated with the fourth chakra, otherwise known as the heart chakra. This chakra is located in the center of the chest and includes the heart, cardiac plexus, thymus gland, lungs, and breasts.

The way it facilitates love entering your life is through it's ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Rose Quartz will inspire you with the wisdom to deepen your connection with your partner.

Tip: Place one of these perfect wedding crystals in your bra to open the heart chakra and calm your nerves on your wedding day

Photo Credit: Luminosity Crystals

Care of the stone

First and foremost, it is very important to clean new gemstones that come your way to clear them of any energies that they may have picked up during their previous journeys.

Rose Quartz is a very strong healing stone, and should be cleaned, thus discharged, under running water or inside a bowl filled with saltwater twice a month. If you go to a sea or an ocean to cleanse them, secure them in a mesh bag, or you might lose them.

You can energise crystals under the moonlight (my personal favourite) or under direct sunlight. Energise them further by allowing them to sit out during a thunderstorm.

How to incorporate healing crystals to your wedding

You can wear the stone as part of your wedding jewellery, wire the stone into the wedding bouquet or use it to make a bridal hairpiece.

Photo Credit: Buddha Blossom Jewels

Photo Credit: GemsAndBones

Crystals also make beautiful wedding decoration. You can treat your guests with crystal energy to promote the positivity on the day of your weeding by placing Rose Quartz stone as part of Table Centre Piece and scatter small candles throughout the table to cast a soft glow against the stone.

To add more heartfelt meaning and intention to your wedding day you can use Rose Quartz stones as place settings or wedding favours.

Photo Credit: Pica Beau

So, now it's about time I share one of my secrets with you - healing crystals really do work. I personally wear them all the time, different ones each time, depending on which energy centre I'm focused on.

My personal favourite though has to be Rose Quartz, a crystal of unconditional love - Let's spread the love, receive love and Be Love!

Much love,


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